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Phoenix Highway Accident Lawyer

Motor vehicle travel – including motor vehicle travel on highways – is the leading cause of death for age 4 as well as every age from age 11 through age 27, according to the Dept. of Transportation. If you or a loved one was involved in a motor vehicle accident on the highway that was a result of another driver’s negligent conduct, or inferior roadway conditions or other viable reason, you may be able to seek compensation for damages with the help of a Phoenix highway accident attorney. Curiel and Runion, PLC represents victims of highway accidents and offers a complimentary case review that will allow you to discuss the legal options that may be available to you.

Highway Speeding-Related Fatalities in the U.S.

According to Census.gov, which compiles detailed crash data, in 2009 (latest information available) the following data pertains to speed-related deaths on the highway:

  • U.S.: 954 fatalities occurred on the interstate at speeds over 55 mph in 2009
  • U.S.: 287 fatalities occurred on the interstate at speeds 55 mph or under in 2009
  • Arizona: 54 deaths occurred on the interstate at speeds over 55 mph in
  • Arizona: 6 deaths occurred on the interstate at speeds at or under 55 mph

The Dangers of Driving on the Highway

Driving on the highway poses a great risk to drivers, passengers, other vehicles, work crews, people on the side of the road, animals who venture onto the highway and others. The potential for an accident to occur on the highway is great due to the following factors:

  • Highway speeds are generally at 55 mph and above, which increases the possibility of an accident
  • Speed-related accidents occur with much great frequency on the highway than when driving slower in rural areas
  • Drivers are more likely to get into a motor vehicle accident with multiple vehicles while driving on the highway
  • More accidents are caused by driving and speeding than almost any other kind of accident

Complimentary Case Review with a Phoenix Highway Accident Lawyer; No Fees Involved Unless We Win or Settle Your Case

If you or a loved one was involved in a highway accident in Phoenix or in the surrounding areas, the Phoenix accident lawyers at Curiel and Runion are available to go over your case with you and to offer some valuable advice as to your choices of future courses of action. You are not obligated to utilize their legal services but are free to do so if you would like to. Curiel and Runion is a personal injury law firm that provides personalized, individualized and compassionate legal counsel to their clients. If you choose to be represented by Curiel and Runion, there will be no legal fees at all unless your case is settled out of court with the insurance agency or won in court. We are able to provide appointments after hours and on weekends, so please feel free to schedule your complimentary case review by calling the Phoenix Law Firm of Curiel and Runion at 602-595-5559.