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Phoenix Premises Liability Lawyer

A landowner or his management company has the absolute duty to maintain their property in such condition that it is safe for invitees, licenses and even trespassers. If an individual is injured while walking on the property of another, due to a malfunction in the stairs, stairwells, elevator, broken debris, slippery floors, negligent security services or other circumstances, the landowner will be culpable and negligent for any medical expenses arising out of the accident. If you were injured in a premises liability incident, contact your Phoenix personal injury attorney immediately for a free consultation. Curiel and Runion offer a free case review to discuss the potential legal options that may be available to you.

Classifications of Visitors to Property

The Invitee: the invitee is invited to enter and remain on the premises usually for a commercial purpose which is meant to financially or otherwise improve a commercial benefit to the landowner. For example, when a person enters a store, they are considered an invitee. It is a well-established fact that the highest duty of care is owed to the invitee.

The Licensee: this individual is invited to enter upon the premises and to stay within the premises and their duty usually excludes business or commercial dealings. As well, a social guest is a licensee.

The Trespasser: when an individual enters the premises of another without the owner’s express or implied invitation, and for the trespasser’s own agenda, and not to perform any particular service to the owner, the defendant is usually cleared from defense of such entry. If the owners are aware of such trespassers, however, they may be liable to warn the trespassers of any known dangers on the property.

Type of Accidents that Occur on Private and Public Property

Property owners must make sure that ground levels are even and that there are no snags or holes in carpets that could lead to trips and falls. Additionally, they must make sure that all slippery areas are immediately dried, even and taken care of; if it can’t be repaired immediately, yellow warning signs should be used as notifications and warnings of the dangerous area.

Typical Premises Liability Accidents

  1. Slip and fall
  2. Trip and fall
  3. Unsafe security, resulting in assaults, robberies and so on
  4. Faulty floorboards that result in falls
  5. Uneven pavement
  6. Slippery, frozen and iced driveways and walkways
  7. Roadblocks along a walking path, such as a downed tree
  8. Unsafe elevators that are inoperable, get stuck or drop
  9. Protruding nails, broken bottles, sharp objects on the walls, ceilings and floors that may pose a danger
  10. Unsafe security protection
  11. Many more – these are just a few examples – ask your attorney

Free Case Review with Phoenix Premises Liability Attorney; New Legal Fees Unless We Win Your Case

If you experienced an injury or if a loved one lost their life due to the negligence of a property owner, you may certainly seek compensation for your injuries and damages. Property owners are supposed to be aware of the condition of their property and if you were harmed – for example if you slipped and fell and injured your leg or upper body (one of the most common forms of broken hips and head injury – particularly in older adults and younger children –  is from a slip and fall on private property), you may seek compensation for your injuries, that may include medical treatment, past and future wages, loss of consortium, property damage and more. It is up to the injured party to come forward and make their case. Thankfully, the Phoenix premises liability lawyer at Curiel and Runion offers aggressive, experienced and personalized legal services for victims of premises liability accidents. To schedule your complimentary case review, contact the Phoenix accident attorneys of Curiel and Runion. There are no fees involved unless we settle or win your case in court. To schedule your free review, call 602-595-5529.