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Phoenix Rear End Accident Attorney

A rear end crash collision occurs when one vehicle crashes into the rear end of another vehicle. If you were sitting in your car, perhaps at a stop light or intersection, and a car proceeds to ram into your car’s rear end and cause an motor vehicle accident, the party who crashed into your car would normally receive a traffic violation for the accident. Additionally, if you received any injuries and/or property damage as a result of the crash, you would be entitled to seek compensation with the help of a Phoenix rear end accident lawyer in a personal injury lawsuit. If the rate of speed was significant, resulting in death to the driver in the car that was rear-ended, the survivors may seek compensation in a wrongful death claim. The Phoenix Law Firm of Curiel and Runion offers a free consultation to review your case – with no obligations whatsoever.

Brand New, Recently Released Data Pertaining to Rear End Crashes from AZDOT

Rear end crashes outnumber all other types of multivehicle crashes by far, according to brand new crash data information released just days ago by the Arizona Dept. of Transportation. In a study that compiled the results of all accidents in Arizona in 2012, it is revealed that:

  • 38,567 rear end collisions occurred in 2012 in Arizona
  • 45.63%: the percentage of all total crashes reported in Arizona in 2012 were rear end collisions
  • 50: there were 50 fatal rear end collisions in Arizona in 2012
  • 11.76%: percent of all fatal crashes in Arizona in 2012 – rear end crashes
  • 43.32%: percent of injury crashes
  • $1,655,5188,242: estimated economic loss to Maricopa County for all crashes
  • Source: AZDOT

Damages That May Be Recoverable from Rear End Accidents

If the driver who rear-ended you was at fault – and as a general rule, they are for such reasons as:

  • following too closely, unsafely
  • speeding illegally
  • inattentive driving – or distracted driving
  • mechanical failure – any type
  • other reason

You may be choose to seek monetary compensation for medical expenses, hospital bills, pain and suffering, lost income or wages, future lost income or wages, loss of consortium, property damage and more. Speak to your attorney about filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Curiel & Runion Offers a Free Case Review; No Legal Fees Unless We Settle or Win Your Case

The Phoenix, Arizona Law Firm of Curiel and Runion provides personal injury legal services to their clients. If your vehicle was struck in the rear and it was due to the negligent driving of another, you may seek compensatory damages in a personal injury lawsuit. If the victim lost their life, certain family members may file a wrongful death claim. The Phoenix personal injuyr lawyers at Curiel and Runion have a philosophy that every client deserves the most respectful and personalized legal services available. If you cannot meet with us during a particular time we will be glad to meet with you after hours or on weekends. We will also be glad to travel to your home or other environment to speak to you. Remember, there are no legal fees involved unless we win or settle your case. To schedule your complimentary rear-end collision case review – or other personal injury matters – contact The Law Firm of Curiel and Runion at 602-595-5559.