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Phoenix Rollover Accident Attorney

According to The National Highway Safety Administration, “Rollover crashes still comprise a disproportionately large number of highway fatalities.” In fact, in 2010 the NHTSA revealed that more than 10,000 people die yearly from rollover crashes. A vehicle rollover occurs when the vehicle flips over on its side and rolls onto the ground, sometimes tumbling several times. If you or a loved one was involved in a rollover accident, you may be eligible for compensation for negligent driving and/or faulty vehicle construction and design. You may discuss your case’s details in a complimentary case review with the Phoenix rollover accident lawyers at Curiel and Runion, PLC. There is no obligation for this meeting and it can be scheduled at your convenience.

Some Revealing and Astounding Facts Pertaining to Rollover Crashes

  • Although rollover crashes account for only three percent of vehicles in crashes, they lead to approximately one-third of all occupant deaths. (Source: NHTSA)
  • In a study of 328 rollover crashes, 68 percent of which were single vehicle crashes, more than half of the rollover occupants had their seat belts on
  • About 30 percent of the cases involved a driver under the influence of alcohol
  • Approximately 40 percent of the rollover occupants were ejected, with 87 percent of them not wearing their seatbelt
  • The majority, or 60% of the ejected occupants exited through the side windows
  • Many occupants were injured by a crushed roof

Rollover Vehicles and the High Center of Gravity

Sport utility vehicles and other similar vehicles have a high center of gravity. This increases the possibility of a rollover, especially when the SUV is filled with people and/or cargo. If there are no rollover bars, the roof is likely to crush inward, potentially harming the occupants inside the vehicle. If you were injured in a rollover accident, speak to your Phoenix injury attorney about what happened. You may seek compensatory damages that usually includes medical expenses, lost income, future lost income, loss of consortium, pain and suffering and property damage. If a loved one lost their life, survivors may seek compensation in a wrongful death claim.

Free Consultation with Phoenix Rollover Vehicle Lawyer; No Fees Unless We Win or Settle Your Case

Depending on the circumstances involved in your vehicle rollover accident, a cause of action may be brought against the driver if they were driving in an unsafe or negligent manner, and/or a cause of action may be brought against the manufacturer of the rollover vehicle for negligent product design. These are items that should be discussed in detail with your personal injury attorney. The Law Firm of Curiel and Runion, a personal injury law firm, provides aggressive, hands-on, experienced legal counsel and representation to their clients. Remember that there are never any fees involved unless we victoriously settle or win your case in court. To schedule your free appointment, contact The Law Office of Curiel and Runion at 602-595-5559.