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Phoenix Security Negligence Attorney

Security negligence typically refers to protecting the inhabitants and visitors to a particular place, whether it be a large stadium, a shopping mall, a university or a bank. Landowners have a duty to protect invitees, tenants and others if a criminal attack is known to have occurred before and/or is likely to occur again. In this case, the reasonable response would be to call off the engagement altogether or to hire additional security guards to protect the grounds upon which the visitors stroll and sit. If a criminal attack is reasonably foreseeable, the landowner is responsible to take reasonable precautions to avoid harm. If you were involved in an attack that was due to a lack of reasonable security measures, you may be able to seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit under the security premises breach. Contact your Phoenix security negligence lawyer to explain this to you.

Providing Adequate Security Protection

Questions to ask include:

  1. What and whom needs to be protected?
  2. For how long do they need protection?
  3. Do they need to be protected on private, enclosed property?
  4. Can they be properly protected while out in the public with “normal” crowds?
  5. Should they have persona bodyguards?
  6. Should protection be stepped up to specially designed automobiles that protect against gunshot and other weaponry?
  7. Where will this end?
  8. Should the parties move to another state or region in the world to obtain ultimate protection?

What if Your Protection Was Breached?

If you were harmed in an attack that resulted from inadequate protection, you may certainly seek compensation for your injuries, medical attention, pain and suffering, past and future lost income, hospital bills, loss of consortium and much more. Discuss this with your Phoenix personal injury attorney, as these cases are determined with much analysis and care and formulas are often applied to determine the proper amount of compensation for this type of negligence.

Contact a Phoenix Security Attorney for a Free Consultation; No Costs Involved Unless We Win Your Case

If you experienced injuries – such as an attack – in an enclosed, unlighted and dark private area to which you were personally invited – you may seek compensation for a personal injury case for a breach of adequate security. The details of this case would benefit from photographs, witnesses, diagrams, interviews and notes concerning the exact events of how you were attacked or abused in a private area to which you were invited. The Law Office of Curiel and Runion provide aggressive, hands-on personal injury and criminal defense representation for those who find themselves in need of superior legal service. Curiel and Runion offers a complimentary case review to discuss your case, which can be scheduled by calling the The Law Office of Curiel and Runion at 602-595-5529.