Fatal Car Accidents

Fatal auto accidents occur far too often in Arizona, including in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. A fatal car accident destroys the life of not only the victim, but the victim’s family, friends and loved ones.

Under Arizona law, specific family survivors have the right to seek compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit when an accident was a result of another driver’s negligent conduct. Curiel & Runion is a personal injury law firm that can help you obtain the compensation that you are entitled to when a loved one perishes with our experienced Phoenix fatal car accident lawyers. A free case review is available to discuss your options.


The Arizona Department of Transportation recently revealed the latest statistics pertaining to fatal car accidents occurring in 2012:

  • 2012 fatal car accidents: 741
  • 2012 total accidents: 103,176
  • Total number of persons killed in all auto crashes: 823
  • Alcohol related: 251
  • Urban: 381
  • Rural: 360
  • Single vehicle: 316
  • Multi-vehicle: 425
  • Alcohol related single vehicle: 117
  • Alcohol related multi-vehicle: 134

If your loved one was killed in a motor vehicle accident, it is advisable to consult with a skilled Phoenix personal injury attorney to preserve your legal rights under Arizona law.


When a loved one loses their life in a motor vehicle accident, and the death was caused by another driver’s negligence or other negligent circumstances, certain family members may seek compensatory damages by filing a wrongful death lawsuit:

  • Surviving spouse
  • Children
  • Parents

The wrongful death claim is somewhat similar to a personal injury claim but it is brought by the survivor(s), as opposed to the injured party. The damages that may be sought may include the following:

  • Funeral, burial expenses
  • Medical expenses – when beneficiary is responsible for or made payments
  • The survivor’s pain and suffering – mental anguish and sorrow suffered by the survivors
  • Loss of consortium – loss of love, guidance, companionship, care, protection, etc.
  • Loss of income and other economic loss – loss of projected earnings of the deceased
  • In some cases, punitive damages may be sought if the death was an intentional or cruel act

In order to determine the specific compensation that you may be entitled to, it is advisable to speak to your attorney.